Wedding or party invitations / Save the dates

The all important "save the date" cards are the first glimpse people will see of your upcoming nuptials.    Why not add a touch of elegance to your invitations by writing the names in calligraphy?     


Getting married? Hosting an elegant dinner party? Having a ball or fundraiser? Add that extra touch of elegance by having a handwritten placard that people can have as a memento.  


I love receiving snail mail and I particularly love admiring people's handwriting on the front of the envelope, was it written in a hurry? Was it written with care and attention? Why not let me write envelopes for you, whether it's a birthday, Christmas or a thinking of you card, add that extra special touch with an elegantly written envelope. 

quotes / song lyrics / vows

A beautiful moment shared with you and your loved one is always special - why not have a reminder on your wall of the moment?  


The all important menu for the dinner party can be another memento that people would like to save.  Perhaps you have a scrapbook with the menus from previous dinner parties and what to make it a little more personal?  

love letters

Always wanted to write a love letter to your loved one but never had the handwriting to make it look pretty?  Let me bring your words alive by writing out your words and sending to you to sign or directly to your loved one, or why not make it anonymous?  


Are you a teacher?  Do you want the names written on certificates and feel that your handwriting isn't up to scratch?  Why not make your certificates extra special with the names written in some calligraphy.

Greeting Cards

I love writing greeting cards, do you have a private joke between friends or a loved one? Let me customise your own greeting card for when you feel "happy birthday" is not enough?