about Me

I am an artist and calligrapher and I have just moved to Linlithgow, just outside Edinburgh.  I am a huge fan of pretty penmanship and handwriting.  I am a foodie with a penchant for baking.  I am a lover of animals and all things Disney.  

I have a science degree which helps when working with fine detail and all things geeky.

I am passionate about pretty writing and I am always learning and practicing.  I am fluent in Welsh and English and it's interesting to me to look at the transition between letters in different languages (which can be challenging!)  

 I like to work in all colours (gouache or ink) for calligraphy and mainly black and grey for sketches (pencil or charcoal) although I have recently been experimenting more with coloured ink washes..

Calligraphy and art for me is a therapy where I can live in the moment and forget about the world around me.